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Lake of the Woods Township is on the South-Eastern shores of Lake the Woods. It is comprised of the villages of Morson and Bergland, and most of the Lake from the International Border to the South of the Aulneau Penninsula and east to the Township of Sioux Narrows Nestor Falls.

The township is accessed primarily from Highway 621, although both highway 619 and 600 traverse the township. The nearest main service area is Fort Frances, 110 km east of the Township. In Fort Frances, there is access to various government departments, both Provincial and Federal. Fort Frances is also the main shopping area in the Rainy River District, but basic services and primary medical care are available in Rainy River, just 35 km West of the township.

J & J General Store is located in Morson, the store has basic groceries, gas and other supplies and is open year round for all of your shopping needs. There is bait available at many locations in Morson as well as souvenirs. We have more than one marina, excellent mechanics. The marina offers small engine repair, welding, launch, parking, and warfage is offered at various locations, including the former Morson Government Dock. Barge service is also available from Morson.

While remnants of logging, farming, commercial fishing and trapping remain, the primary industry in Lake of the Woods township is tourism based on the natural resources of the Lake and surrounding wilderness. To support that industry, there are numerous resorts and camping facilities.

Both communities have community halls. A ballfield and outdoor rink are available in Bergland not far from the Elementary School, which serves the township and some of the surrounding areas.

Annual bass and walleye fish tournaments are held in August and October. Activities are held around the former Morson Government Dock facility.

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